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DDP services we offer

Since 2012 we are a spezialiced agency providing all kind of import services to Spain and European Union.

Why DDP Spain?

Follow your shipment 24/07 from your Customer Portal.

24/07 Track your Shipments

Check full status of all your shipments. We update all shipments 2 times at day. 05:00 am & 14:00 pm.

Every Minute Updates

We update new shipments status during our work schedule (5 am to 5 pm) within a minute we get a new update. You receive in your email inbox the update.

Online Support

You can access 24/07 all our articles database and most FAQ. You can online CHAT with us in any time from 05:00 to 17:00. If you prefer send an email, it will be answered within 5 minutes during our working time (for ongoing shipments).

All Documents Stored & Downloadable.

Debit Invoices, Customs Clearances...All documents Stored as long as you will be our regular customer and for at least one year after your shipment has been cleared, for those have a single shipment. Download any time!

24/07 Auto-Quote

Don't waste time asking rates and waiting for answers. Our customers can auto-quote 24/07 with intuitive formular.

All devices!

Mobile, Tablet, Website.....our application is ready to use in any device.

Members of International & Spain Networks

You are safe working with us. We are paid members of:

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