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DDP Spain a registered brand of NF Spain

2012 was the year, Oscar Q. Mateo and his partners founded NF SPAIN. From that moment the company was focus in providing forwarding and clearing services for companies were not stablished in Spain or needed a company in Spain to clear, deliver and distribute the cargo. Understanding this sector can be complicated, we have from the beginning, non stop developing applications and tools to provide a simple, fast and good experience for all the customers.

NF Spain Road Map

The beginnings
2012 NF Spain founded.

February 2012 was the date NF Spain was founded

DDP Cargo
2015 e-commerce Department

After 3 years providing export-import freight forwarding services, we decided to develope an e-commerce department.

e-commerce, DDP shipments, EORI services.
2016 Spezialized on import Services

After the success of our FBA & e-commerce services. We decided to become an agency specialized only in import services, being air cargo one of our sucess areas.

4 Years Anniversary
2016 Moving to New Offices

We moved to a new city center offices.

New Brand
2018 DDP Spain brand Born

We started to work as DDP Spain.

Brand New Look
2020 New website and customize own Software

All 2019 we were working on develope our own software, as no one in the market provided our specific conditions. With this new software, customers are inmediate notify of status of the shipments, and can access 24/07 to our system to track, download docs......

We are .org supporters.

We belive in the Future....

...and the future is the Young People. We are regular members or .org organizations that helps young people with low resources. Every time you make a shipment with us, you also are helping them!