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FBA Services. New EORI & delivery address regulation in German Customs.

We just being notified by DHL DE that we cannot proceed with clearance for shipments which are sent to an Amazon Fulfillment Center,
Freight forwarding warehouse, warehouse address or similar in Germany.

Until now the provided information from the sellers has been sufficient.

However now the situation has changed due to new instructions from German Customs authorities.

For all FBA (or similar) shipments the EORI number from the receiver of the goods must be stated in the customs declaration.

This means in every declaration a valid EORI number for the Fulfillment Center (warehouse address) receiving the goods must be provided.

We have asked Amazon to assist with the requested EORI number for the fulfillment centers here in Germany.

At the moment we are still waiting for an answer if they will assist.

Due to the fact that we cannot declare this shipments as requested by customs authorities we have to return all shipments back to sender if we do not receive the necessary EORI number from the warehouse at the delivery address.

Please inform all your sellers about this change in German customs rules.