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DDP Spain Ior Services in Spain and all European Union countries.

Ior Services

IOR services is a product created to provide a solution to those companies need to import into Spain or any other European Union country.
We have the permits since 2015 to act as importers of direct cargo.

The process.


Get Quoted

We will revise the information-documents and proceed with the confirmation we can provide the service and send the quote. All within 30 minutes.

Quote Accepted

Once accepted the quote we will start or prepare all the process, we take control of all the next tasks.

Service Starts

We will keep you informed when the process will start, and all the steps of the process from the beginning till the end.

Review the Service.

Once finished the service you will receive a review email, as on weekly basis, we proceed with general meetings to explore, after the experience of the week, how we can continue improve our services.

Before Arrival

We check and prepare all documents before arrival the cargo, avoiding loose time once the cargo will arrive.

Working Progress

Once cargo arrive we are in contact delivering information about the situation of the cargo. Within 15 minutes of any inquiry from customs we provide to consignee-customer the request in order to solve any issue in the same day.


Once finished the service we deliver official documents with POD.

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You are in good hands...

Protected & with Professionals of +10 years of Experience.

1. International & National Networks

Guarantee our services will be as we say as per their code of conducte.

3. Experience

Importers we have provided services since 2012

2. Company Insurances

Office, Cargo, Civil Responsability insurances.

4. +90% Success in All Services

Chart with % of lever of satisfaction for all our services provided in 2022.

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