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Why DDP Spain?

Because we have the experience, and we have the implemented internal processes to avoid delays and act inmediatly when any action required is during all DDP shipments.

We revise all the documents prior arrival. Notifying to customers all documents or information missing.

We send the pr-clearance to customers to confirm prior start the Clearance process.

We transmit all clearance prior Customs Inspectors start to work. First answer possible. No possible delay from our side.

We book deliveries at the time clearance has started. We deliver all Spain in period of 24-72 hours afte clearance is done.

Still not sure? 4+ reasons....

You are in good hands: Protected & with Professionals of +10 years of Experience.

1. International & National Networks

Guarantee our services will be as we say as per their code of conducte.

3. Experience

Real Time Cleared Shipments. Growing day by day.

2. Company Insurances

Office, Cargo, Civil Responsability insurances.

4. +10 Years in the Market

Chart with % of type of shipments we have handle 2020.

  • DDP Air
  • DDP Sea
  • DDP Fba
  • + Other

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